New To The Equine Community- Resources To Get You Started

New To The Equine Community- Resources To Get You Started

The equine industry, like any other industry, can be complex and confusing to newcomers. It’s exciting, sure, but it’s also filled with jargon and terminology that you may not understand if you’re new to the business. If you’re new to the equine community, your first stop should be an experienced insurance agent who understands all things equine.

What Happens If I Am Traveling With My Horses And I Need Somewhere To Stay?

One of our cleints, WZ Ranch, is the first of it's kind in Colorado. It's a "Horse Hotel" that accomodates the traveling horseman and horsewoman. Located at the top of Monument Hill, it is tucked back in a beautiful meadow with a picturesque setting. Their top notch facilities include large, open stalls for your horse to stretch out as well as camper hookups to provide electric for your rig. They sanitize the stalls, feeding buckets, and their facilities before and after any stay to make sure you and your horse feel comfortable and are safe. Stay as little or as long as you want. You can find them at

What About Good Farriers (Horseshoers)?

You can find farriers across Colorado in any city, but make sure you look for good qualities in your farrier. Your farrier should have patience with your horse, not be agressive or pushy. If your horse has special issues such as navicular or a hoof disease, make sure that your farrier has the experience and technical knowledge on how to correct the issues as much as possible. We work with JV Shoeing in the Denver area, John Nieman in Colorado Springs, and Clint Carr out of Canon City to name a few. Ask your local riding arena or horse neighbors to see who they would recommend.

Are There Good Horse Clubs To Be Involved In?

Asking your local extension office is a great place to start. Also check with the 4-H leaders in your county. They are a great resource for everything equine and beyond. Many times, you can find roping, cutting, and barrel racing clinics and groups at your local ranches. Or get involved with a riding club. Colorado Springs has Kit Carson Riding Club and Black Forest Riding Club that are fun for kiddos to get started in riding in gymkanas and honing thier horsemanship abilities. Elizabeth has hunter jumper schools like Aurum Equestrian and Summer Haven Riding Stables. These are top notch stables that offer many things for the distinguished rider looking to increase his/her skills.

Do I Just Ask Any Vet To Take Care of My Horse?

Many horse owners and other livestock keepers believe that it is okay to just ask any veterinarian to take care of their animals. Many would be surprised to know that, in many cases, all vets are not created equal. Your horse might end up being treated by someone who is not well versed in caring for large animals like horses and cattle. It is important that you do your research before choosing a vet for your farm or ranch. A quick search on Google can get you started.

What Illnesses Do Horses Have That I Should Prepare For?

Colic and fractures are large expenses. Horse Insurance is a good idea. It is not just for regular maintenance, accidents happen in all circumstances and can be very costly. This makes it mandatory to think about your horse insurance before you need it and take care of any red tape you have to fill out beforehand. Having an accident with your horse could be devastating financially, physically and emotionally. Make sure you have a plan set in place before something happens to avoid stress later on. See our post on horse insurance and what to look for.