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They're your pride and joy, your heart and soul. It only seems right to want to protect them. Whether it's pleasure, work, or show, we are committed to protecting your horse. We carefully select each and every one of our insurance policies for flexibility and customization tailored to your exact needs. We understand your commitment to your horses, and we want you to know, we are committed to them too.

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General coverage options available

Mortality and Major Medical:

  • Full Mortality

  • Medical & Surgical

  • Loss of Use

  • Stallion Permanent Disability

  • Worldwide Transit

  • Barrenness/ Prospective Foal


  • Personally owned horses

  • Care, Custody, and Control

Equine mortality insurance protects you against financial loss due to the untimely death of your horse. You have the option to insure your horse, or one you have leased, for it’s purchased value as well as it's value it is currently worth.

There are two types of insurance coverage. all-risk, and named peril. Most policies include some emergency colic surgery coverage. There are basic coverages with just mortality, a step up from that is surgical policies, and then major medical, which includes surgical and medical coverages. Animals covered by a full mortality policy must meet certain age and health criteria in order to be eligible for coverage.

Horse Creek Insurance helps you find mortality and medical equine insurance through many programs, designed to fit your exact needs.

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Equine Insurance