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Are you tired of working with insurance companies that don’t understand your needs, that slap together standard policies that don’t cover the unique intricacies and liabilities of your business? You should be. At Horse Creek Insurance, we understand that farming and ranching is more than business — it’s a lifestyle. We’ve been serving the Colorado Springs, Peyton, Calhan, and surrounding communities for more than 16 years, and we know everything that small-town business entails. Many of our agents have lived it! At our insurance agency, we work with you to craft custom insurance packages that keep you protected from everything life can throw your way. Call us today to get a quote and the attentive customer service only a local insurance broker can provide!


We’re proud to offer a variety of insurance policies, including:

  • Ranch & Farm Insurance

  • Equine Insurance

  • Commercial Business Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • And more!

What To Look For In An Insurance Agency

Insurance can be a tough thing to shop for if you’re not acquainted with the industry. Just as no two insurance policies are the same, neither are different insurance companies. With so many options to choose from, it’s good to keep certain qualities in mind when shopping for insurance. Here’s what to look for in a prospective insurance agency!

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Attentive, Accessible Customer Service

A quality insurance agency should be easy to reach and attentive to your needs. You should feel respected and cared for, not like just another number in someone’s ledger.

At Horse Creek Insurance Agency in Colorado Springs, Peyton, and Calhan we treat you as well as we treat our own neighbors — and the chances are good that you are our neighbor! We’ve been providing people all around the Colorado Springs, Peyton, and Calhan area with quality insurance coverage for more than 16 years, so we know the area well. We’ll be able to offer you a deeper knowledge of the local market than the big, national insurance companies, and we know which potential liabilities are most important to Coloradans.

Horse Creek Insurance Agency is always just a phone call away. We won’t make you call a toll-free number and navigate through a maze of automated messages like the big guys do. Your needs are important to us!

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A Variety Of Policy Options

Life is complicated. You’ve got a home and likely a car, and you may have a business or valuable personal property that needs protection too. You should seek out an insurance agency that gives you the largest diversity of insurance policy options. This is where it pays to go with a local insurance agency — big companies are only going to offer you their own policies, whereas local agencies have access to the policy options of dozens to even hundreds of insurance providers.

We think we do a pretty great job of that here at Horse Creek Insurance. We can search through the offerings of more than 200 insurance providers across the country to find you the best of the best insurance policies to meet your needs.

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Smart, Cost-Effective Coverage

The reason there are so many different insurance policy options out there is because no two people are the same. Your needs aren’t going to be the same as your neighbor’s, and your policies shouldn’t be the same, either. You should choose an insurance agency like Horse Creek Insurance that is able to put together custom insurance policy packages that meet your unique needs as precisely and cost-effectively as possible.

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Finally, you should seek out a broker that can relate to you and shows a genuine interest in learning about your life in order to find the best policies to keep you, your family, and your passions protected. Horse Creek Insurance’s team of insurance agents is made up of people who have long called the Colorado Springs, Peyton, and Calhan area home, many of whom are small business owners and equestrian enthusiasts themselves. We set ourselves apart with our attentive customer service and our access to a large diversity of insurance policy options that rivals what national insurance companies can offer. Call us today to get a quote, and find out the difference for yourself!

Types Of Insurance We Offer

Cow Insurance

Ranch & Farm Insurance

As your local insurance agency, we know that farms and ranches can vary greatly in the size and scope of their operations and their insurance protections that they need. Thankfully, we offer farm insurance policies for agribusinesses of all sizes and types.

We’ll work with you to select the best policies from more than 200 providers to craft you customizable protection for your operation, whether it involves grain, vineyards, livestock, exotic animals, or equestrian activities. Our custom farm insurance policy packages combine elements of personal insurance, farm insurance, business, property, and liability insurance coverages into one insurance policy. You’ve got enough responsibilities to handle with your agribusiness — let us simplify your insurance coverage with a single comprehensive policy.

Our Ranch & Farm Insurance policies can cover:

  • Personal & business liability

  • Fire damage & legal costs

  • Your farm — both your facilities and your equipment

  • Your livestock

  • Equestrian activity-related liabilities

  • Any vehicles or machinery you use for business

  • Farm income loss

  • Equestrian centers

  • Your home & personal property

  • And more!

Visit our Ranch & Farm Insurance page for further information.

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Horse or Equine

Equine Insurance

Your horses are more than just a beloved member of your family; ours too! For many in the Calhan and Peyton community, they’re also an invaluable part of their businesses. Whether you keep horses for pleasure, business, or show, they deserve custom, comprehensive insurance coverage. Equine insurance is our speciality here at Horse Creek Insurance, and we’ll show our commitment to your horses’ well-being by finding insurance policies that are flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to the many equine protections below, we can also offer you additional protection for valuable stallions, semen, and bred mares related to your equestrian activities. We offer liability insurance for show judges, horses that you care for but do not own, and more!

Our Equine Insurance policies can cover:

  • Liabilities connected to horse-related activities

  • Participants at equestrian shows & events

  • Liabilities related to riding instruction, boarding & carriage/sleigh/buggy rides

  • Your farm supplies, equipment & machinery

  • Barns, tack, hay & grain

  • Your home and personal property

  • And more!

Visit our Ranch & Farm Insurance page for more information.

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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Depending on the size and type of your business, your insurance coverage needs could be simple or complex. At Horse Creek Insurance, we respond to the complexities of your business by working with more than 200 of the best business insurance carriers in the country to find you the best policies that provide cost-effective coverages for all the areas of your business that need it.

Insurance is complicated, so don’t stress if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for — the friendly insurance agents at Horse Creek Insurance will consult with you to understand the ins and outs of your business and create for you a comprehensive, custom insurance policy that fits your precise needs. We’ve been in the business 16 years and counting, and we’ve worked with small, family-owned business and large corporations alike — we’ve got the know-how and the resources to effectively meet your insurance coverage needs.

Don’t go without business insurance! More than 40% of small business owners have been threatened or involved in lawsuits before — those without insurance can have all their hard work ruined without proper insurance coverage to back them up and cover their court costs. Call us today to keep your business protected from the unexpected!

Our Commercial Insurance policies can cover:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

  • Business Owner’s Policies (BOP)

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Inland Marine Insurance

  • Workers Compensation

  • Management Liability

  • Umbrella Insurance

  • And more!

Visit our Commercial Insurance page for more details.

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Car Insurance

Auto Insurance

A lot can happen out on the road. You could encounter car problems, hail damage, potholes, accidents, and all sorts of issues! You need comprehensive auto insurance coverage to enjoy a comfortable, worry-free ride. With access to more than 200 insurance providers across the country, Horse Creek Insurance can find the most cost-effective coverages for your specific needs and desires and combine them into one easy-to-understand policy.

Don’t skimp on protection out on the road! A minimum amount of auto insurance is legally required, but more comprehensive coverage is a necessity for any driver. Given that the damage from your average accident can cost hundreds, if not thousands, to repair without insurance coverage, our insurance policies pay for themselves in value after just one misfortune on the road. Call our office in Colorado Springs, Peyton, or Calhan to get a quote today!

Our Auto Insurance policies can cover:

  • Bodily Injury Liability

  • Personal Injury Protection

  • Property Damage Liability

  • Medical Payments

  • Collisions

  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists

  • And more!

Visit our Auto & Home Insurance page for further details.

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Ranch Insurance

Home Insurance

Your property is more than a house — it’s a home. It’s where you raise your family and make memories together. Something that important deserves insurance protection to cover it from life’s unexpected events. Colorado is home to some wild weather, and with a proper plan, you can enjoy watching the next lightning storm, hail, or blizzard from the comfort of home without worrying about the cost of the damage it could do to your house. Avoid financial hardship from anything life could do to your home by backing it up with our customized home insurance protection!

Best yet, when you choose Horse Creek Insurance for both your auto and home insurance coverage, we can budle the policies and save you money! You could also become eligible for bonuses and single deductibles, such as when your home and car are damaged in the same event, accidental death insurance benefits, and emergency lockout coverage. Connect with one of our insurance agents today to learn more!

Our Home Insurance policies can cover:

  • Property damage

  • Home damage or destruction caused by natural disasters

  • Your personal property, such as appliances and valuable electronics

  • Additional structures on your property, such as sheds, fencing, and separate housing units

  • Legal fees, medical bills, and lost wages related to injuries sustained on your property

  • And more!

Get further details by visiting our Auto & Home insurance page.

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Life Insurance

You don’t need to sustain a serious injury, age, or contract a major illness to consider getting life insurance. Life insurance is essential to any person’s financial plans, no matter their situation. It provides valuable protection to you and your loved ones in the event that something serious happens to you and you can not bring in an income for an extended period of time.

And that’s not all life insurance can do! Life insurance policies can also be used to pay off debts, cover funeral costs for you or family members, and keep your business open and running in the event that you can no longer work.

Life insurance policies offer you versatile protection, and they are some of the most important investments you can make. For yourself, for your family, and for your business, you owe it to all to secure a life insurance that cost-effectively meets your needs and protects you, your family, and your estate in the event something unfortunate happens to you. Horse Creek Insurance can consult with you to get to know your situation, understand your needs, and craft you a custom life insurance policy that is personalized to your specific protection needs. Call us today to get a quote!

We can offer you a variety of types of life insurance, including:

  • Individual & Group Life Insurance

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Second-To-Die Policies

  • And more!

Get further details by visiting our Life & Retirement Insurance page.

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Equip Yourself With Customized Insurance Protection

No matter your situation, Horse Creek Insurance has the know-how and resources to offer you the most thoughtfully customized, cost-effective insurance protection for yourself, your property, and your business. Call us today and experience the personable service that only a local Colorado Springs, Peyton, or Calhan insurance agency can offer!